SAFESTROBES SF (Paramotor Trike)


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    • Supply voltage:  10V – 30V DC.
    • Power:
      Strobe Lights (white) – 100 W ,10000 lumens.
      Navigation Lights (red + green) – 10W , 1200 lumens.
      Position Lights (white) – 3W , 350 lumens.
    • Color temperature of the Strobe Lights: 5500-6000 K.
    • Does not interfere with radio waves.
    • Integrated temperaturę sensor.
    • Resilient to shocks, impacts, water.
    • Dimensions:
      Navigation Strobe Lamp: 94x34x26 mm weight 90 g,
      Beacon Lamp: Diameter 34 mm , weight 70 g.
    • Lighting controller: 145mm x 25mm (5.70 x 0.98 inch.), weight 120g.
    • Range of about 10 km in the dark !!!

    Our lamps are flooded with special polyurethane resin resistant to extreme temperatures (-40 °C to 140 °C), have excellent mechanical resistance and are UV resistant!


    • Single flashes with a frequency of 43,50,55 flashes per minute.
    • Single flashes with a frequency of 43,50,55 flashes per minute  + steady light (position lamp).
    • Double flashes with a frequency of 43 cycles per minute.
    • Triple flashes with a frequency of 43 cycles per minute.
    • Continuous 360 degrees light.
    • SOS light signal activated by an integrated overload sensor or manually.


    • Option of automatic activation after connecting the power supply (possibility of putting the controller in a hard-to-reach place).
    • Possibility of assembling the switch out of the controller.
    • Iluminated Led buton on the switch that signalizes working functions and messages (such as low battery, not connected lamp. etc.).
    • Possibility of modifying the settings and disabling some working functions by connecting to a computer.



    Additional information

    Cable lengths A

    1.4 m, 1.7 m

    Switch place

    For dashboard panel, In the controller

    Skyflar Sp z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich : „Wprowadzenie na rynek światowy innowacyjnego oświetlenia nawigacyjno-stroboskopowego SAFESTOBES dedykowanemu posiadaczom ultralekkich statków powietrznych”


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